Born in Apostoles, Misiones, close to the border with southern Brazil and Paraguay, Spasiuk is a contemporary artist, and an outstanding innovator. During his childhood he learnt music from his father and his uncle, he follows the steps of Abitbol, Cocomarola, Montiel, and many other great classic Chamamé composers.

Standing from a position of complete opening and lack of prejudice, Spasiuk produces a rich mixture of sounds and rhythm, of light and shadows, where the legacy inasmuch as the synthesis, and the improvisation as much as the composition allowing tradition and modernity play a similar role; turning his music into an intense aural experience, which expands beyond the limits of style and sound. An exceptionally expressive artist, Spasiuk appeals to an elevated animating spirit, playing as if possessed, visibly transported by the whirlwind which affects and challenges the resonance of his enchanted accordion. His scenic presence enchants just as a dervish would, and his extraordinary group creates a music which is profound in beauty and feeling. While his mastery is articulated with a deep feeling of melancholy - being this an important part of Argentina’s social history- it also conveys a resilient optimism before the tragic destiny of all human efforts.

Chango Spasiuk has launched ten albums as a solo artist in Argentina, among which is the multi-awarded “Polkas de mi tierra” (1999). His first international launching “Tarefero de mis pagos” earned him the BBC award to World Music (Best revelation artist 2005, the Gardel award in Argentina, as well as a nomination to the Latin Grammy awards in 2006). Chango has built a solid reputation by touring all over Europe, and more recently around the United States of America. 

His album “Pynandí”(The bare footed ones) launched by the end of 2006, won the Carlos Gardel award to the best male folklore artist of Argentina. “Tierra colorada at the Colon Theatre” (2014), got him the 2015 Gardel award to best Chamamé record (CD+DVD recorded live at the Colon Theatre, Buenos Aires). 

His His discographic work “Otras Músicas”, which covers some special music composed by Chango for films, plays and documentaries, recently won two Gardel awards as best alternative folklore album, and best soundtrack for music and TV.

In 2014 he made his debut at the Colón Theatre, with a magnificent concert, in which he undertook a musical production, which despite its deep-rooted identity, defied the limits between the categories of popular and academic music; echoing that famous phrase: “Paint your own village and you will paint the whole world.” “I believe that the concept of vanguard is impossible without tradition:” by following this premise, the result was amply and magnificently shown.

Spasiuk’s musical works succeeded in deepening the possibility of merging the customarily distant labels such as: folklore, regional, universal, popular and academic music without any of these categories coming into conflict.

Chango has also taken part in many other projects, sharing concerts and recordings with a great number of renown artists covering the most diverse musical styles (like rock, pop, jazz, blues, folk, classical, electronic and Celt) among which we can mention: (Mercedes Sosa, Bobby McFerrin, Cyro Baptista, Bob Telson, Carlos Nuñez, Heather Cornell Manhattan tap, León Gieco, Divididos, Raúl Barboza, Jaime Torres, Chucho Valdéz, Lila Downs, Fito Páez, Dino Saluzzi, Los Chalchaleros, Jairo, Lito Vitale, Ramona Galarza, Kevin Johansen, Antonio Tarragó Ros, Luis Salinas, Renato Borghetti, Hugo Fattoruso, Chico Cesar, La bomba de tiempo, Ricardo Iorio).

Script and conductor of a TV documentary series called “Pequeños Universos” broadcast by Canal Encuentro and the Public TV.
Under Chango’s sensitive surveillance and a strict documentary format, this program centred its scope in the gathering, understanding and spreading of music coming from every corner of our land and the neighbouring countries.

Made up of 70 programs, which are the product of 80 different field trips, and research over Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay and Brazil expanding for five seasons, the cycle has been awarded two Martin Fierro prizes by Television Argentina.

In 2005, he was awarded a Konex platinum prize for Male folklore solo Artist of the decade. In 2015, he was given a Doctor Honoris Causa title by the Universidad Nacional de Misiones, Argentina, for his cultural accomplishments. In 2017, after almost 20 years after the official launching of “Polcas de mi tierra”, he joins Pedro Canale (Chancha Via Circuito) in a project called Pino Europeo: an ancestral journey, a brand new experience where we can find Polcas, Schotis, dialogues with Electronic music and Dub. Music for dancing, celebrating and reflecting on diversity. 

Chango has toured all over:
Argentina, Canada, The USA, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Holland, France, England, Scotland, Ukraine, Poland, China, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Mexico and Colombia.

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