Chango Spasiuk (1989)


About Album

About Album

First studio recording, after his great debut show in Cosquín’89. Many ideas put together without a sound experience in studio recording, yet some of them already carry the rhythmical and aesthetics of what his music would yield in future works. Composer of: «El Corcho » » Ir LLegando «, his own version of the classic » Merceditas», Rudy Flores featuring as special guest on guitar.

Songs list

  1.  El Corcho
  2.  Ir Llegando
  3.  Tus Recuerdos
  4.  Ponashemu
  5.  Merceditas
  6.  Mal Dormido
  7.  Madurando en Silencio
  8.  Don Lucas Quiso
  9.  Viba Bombacha
  10. Kilometro 11

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