30 years’ tour

On the 27 th of January it will be 30 years from my first public debut concert in the Cosquin Folklore Festival. This event put me on the road, and led me to live things I had never dreamt I could live. It was the initial kick-start to record my first album, and the beginning of a professional career. It also implied betting on, risking, experimenting, and putting forth my musical ideas. I have no more words, just gratitude. 2019 will be a year to celebrate these first 30 years of music.

Chango Spasiuk

Chango Spasiuk celebrates his 30ieth Anniversary on 21 September in the Opera Theatre Orbis Insurance!

The road that Chango comes unwinding, does not strive for any new objective other than the movement where his music poses questions, risking answers, and never ceases to dialogue; be it with the sonorous tradition of his land, with a rock band, a String orchestra, electronic or with the signs of World beat.

In that broad space where a deep rooted tradition reflects parting from sound and silence, Spasiuk gathers every attempt and concretion within an unfathomable and unexplainable search for the player, whilst always remaining pleasurable and defiant to the listener.

Between the anniversaries and travels, with a celebration of beauty carried as a flag, there is no better way to await but with eager intensity, for Chango Spasiuk to synthesise this transition in a new concert, which will surely raise us up into an always necessary, essential communication.

Sergio Arboleya

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